Do you need legal or financial advice because of the pandemic? 


Kentucky is facing an unprecedented challenge. Thousands of Kentuckians have been infected with the coronavirus and thousands more have been directly impacted in the economic aftershock of the crisis. Kentucky’s legal aid programs have launched Together Lawyers Can to address the anticipated rise in numbers and need for civil legal aid. Together Lawyers Can is a state-wide pro bono-based program designed to connect Kentucky lawyers from across the Commonwealth with our neighbors in crisis due to the pandemic.


Join Together Lawyers Can, Chase College of Law and their partners for an online event from July – to August --, 2020 at United Planet to help Kentuckians cope with the coronavirus pandemic.


Meet Rose the Bot. Rose helps individuals and small businesses spend less time searching for information and

more time evaluating their options for financial and legal relief in response to changes created by the pandemic. Law

students have identified the most likely questions that people need answered during this crisis and programmed the bot to direct them to the best answers quickly and efficiently.

But Rose doesn't have all the answers. Recognizing this fact, United Planet's platform can unite people who need answers with lawyers and law students to help them find those answers. This is accomplished in two ways. If an individual or small business still has questions after chatting with Rose the

Bot, the platform is able to connect them with volunteers automatically. Or they can hit the button below that says,

“Click Here for Volunteer Legal Help,” to schedule a time to meet later.


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